Archery Facts – Interesting Archery Information

During its long history, archery had its share of interesting occurrences. Jack Churchill fought with bow and arrow in the WW2, archery was only sport on the Olympic Games that women were allowed to compete in and many more. Find out more interesting facts about archery.

Picture Of Korean Horse Back Archery In 5th Century

Interesting Facts about Archery

Archery changed history probably as much as the wheel. With it people hunted easier but also won wars easier. Today it’s a sport but its long history produced many interesting facts about archery.

Picture Of Minamoto Tametomo

Famous Archers

Since the first bow and arrow, people who could shoot arrows better and stronger were held in high esteem. Archery was so appreciated that even people from the legends were respected if they were good at it. Here you can read about famous archers.

Picture Of A Shoshone Man Using An Arrow Shaft Straightener

How Bow and Arrow are made?

Bow and arrow can be a simple branch with a rope but for a more reliable bow that can shoot far you need better material and some more professional tools. Read how bow and arrow are made.

Picture Of Arrow And Target
Picture Of Colored Arrows