Archery Types – Archery Equipment, Rules and Categories

As a sport, archery has many disciplines with different rules, as well as bows and arrows. Most of them have for a goal hitting the target but there are also competitions that seek longest distance reached with an arrow. Read more about different archery types.

Picture Of Mongol Archers

Types of Archery

There are many types of archery. Some don’t even require accuracy. Some don’t even require standard bows. One of the most popular is target archery but it is far from being the only popular form.

Picture Of Bowmena From State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg

Types of Bows

History of archery is long and, as with other inventions, bow was improved through time. It began as a simple weapon, made from one piece of wood, to become sophisticated machine which can fire arrows at speed of hundred meters per second.

Picture Of Arrow Head Bronze 4th Century Bc Olynthus Chalcidice

Types of Arrows and Arrowheads

Arrow in archery may look all the same but they are made for different materials and for different purposes so according to that they should be used. Read more about different types of arrows and arrowheads.

Picture Of Archery In England From Various Time Periods